Redefining The Standard.

Redefining The Experience.
VAS’ mission is to be a reliable and transparent partner for our clients, providing the fastest and most dependable roadside assistance coupled with the lowest claims severity in the market.
Leading Technology
Real-Time Updates
Simple Workflow
Detailed Reporting
Largest Network
Lowest Claim Severity
in the Market

We are driven by our values.


We have the strongest network of service providers in the country. The stability of our clients’ programs is ensured by the financial strength of multiple A-rated insurance carriers that back our programs.


Regardless of what you need for roadside assistance and ancillary products, we work with you to help your business and brand succeed. We offer unique customized programs for all types of consumer and commercial vehicles, while giving you access to our expansive North American service provider network covering the United States, Puerto Rico, Guam, Canada, and Mexico.

Metric Reporting

We provide granular metrics reporting to ensure claims are eligible, reasonable, and accurate, resulting in the lowest claim severity in the marketplace. Plus, our reports include relevant statistics, trends, and customer satisfaction scores so that you don’t have to guess how your program is doing or how your claims are being processed.


We take pride in living up to our clients’ highest standards to maintain their company brand and reputation. We offer our clients a complete 360-degree view of our business. We proactively solidify relationships with regulators, lenders, and trade associations so you can be confident that you meet full compliance standards.


Our team was there when the national wholesale roadside industry began nearly three decades ago. Since then, we’ve been building and developing roadside assistance and ancillary product networks that not just meet, but surpass our clients’ needs. We are committed to never competing with your clients, dealers, agents, or producers.


Our clients remain committed to VAS because we are loyal to them. We do not compete for your agents, dealers, or customers. We don’t own affiliates that market competitive products to your business channel. Your customer is your customer.

The company we keep

The clients we work with remain our partners for years. Our commitment to forming long-lasting relationships is proven through the longevity of our partnerships, some spanning for over a decade.

We embrace how technology is changing the industry by looking for opportunities to incorporate innovative tools and advancements into our service offerings and programs.
VAS leads the industry as an integrator of new tech opportunities.

At VAS, we believe technology only makes our ability to provide excellent service stronger. Providing our clients with private-label portals, websites, mobile applications, and reporting systems that easily integrate into existing software and programs set us apart as a service provider that’s dedicated to moving the industry forward.

Your customer’s needs and preferences are important to us, too. From mobile applications to tracking devices to real-time update systems and beyond, when your customers have the tools they need to feel safe and secure on the road, you will feel safe and secure knowing you’ve partnered with the best service provider in the market.

Through the strongest network of providers, as well as a dedication to technology, VAS delivers a premium, innovation-driven roadside assistance experience. We stand alone in the market as the only supplier with the ability to provide service stability, premium experience, lowest severity per incident, and industry-leading technology.