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A note from our chairman



While on the road, many of us have had the misfortune of being stranded with car problems at inopportune times: Before a critical business meeting, before the start of a child’s first school performance, or just as a close friend or relative needs help. When stranded, every minute that passes feels like an hour.

As a premier provider of emergency roadside assistance and related services, Vehicle Administrative Services goes the extra mile to alleviate drivers’ anxiety during these stressful situations. Our empathetic customer service representatives understand that an unsatisfied customer has the potential to cause immeasurable damage throughout the value chain. That’s why we do everything possible to elevate your company’s reputation by making sure every situation is handled properly.

Our company started as a family-owned business in 1983 and pioneered the wholesale roadside assistance business. Our clients challenged us to use our customer service expertise in 1998 to create a new suite of products to supplement our burgeoning wholesale roadside assistance business. We took their challenge on, and VAS evolved to include a timely new focus on essential protection products in addition to our core offering of emergency roadside assistance.

As the industry matured, it came to a crossroads. Some of our competitors began to offer products and services that competed with their clients and their clients’ dealer base. At VAS, we made a conscious decision to not go down that road. Competing with our clients is―and always will be―considered a breach of our core values.

Instead, we focus on the compliance needed to develop relevant, fundamental products that supplement―never compete with―your products. Since then, our goal has been to always be available, flexible, and responsive to your needs. Trust, transparency, and integrity are integral parts of who we are, and our long-standing relationships with dependable partners make it a pleasure to come to work every day.

Today, our unsurpassed customer service, leading technology, state-of-the-art metric reporting, and diverse wholesale pricing models make us the largest, most comprehensive provider of wholesale emergency road services and products.

I am proud to uphold my family’s legacy and to be an industry thought leader on relevant products and revenue streams. At VAS, we are privileged to be your brand ambassador and your first line of defense when your customers need it the most.

Bill Breindel

Chairman and CEO

Vehicle Administrative Services