Roadside Assistance

Nationwide Motor Club Programs

Through our affiliate company, SafeRide Motor Club, Inc., our nationally-licensed motor club membership is available throughout the United States, Guam, and Canada. This program can be offered as a standalone or embedded product. Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, this is a “sign and drive” program, which means your customers simply request assistance and our provider goes to them without charge to the customer.

Embedded Roadside Assistance

An embedded product is offered as an ancillary benefit within a traditional product such as vehicle service contracts, insurance, and memberships. We handle all automobiles, motorcycles, RV’s, trailers, power sports, and commercial vehicles.

Wholesale Emergency Roadside Dispatch Assistance

This Roadside Assistance program is a managed product whose benefits are embedded into your vehicle program. We private-label this service with your branding and custom greetings. You gain access to our entire North American service provider network, including the United States, Puerto Rico, Guam, Canada, and Mexico.

RV Motor Club with RV Tech and Mobile Mechanic

We also offer our customers a premium RV motor club benefit through SafeRide Motor Club, Inc. This motor club is available as a standalone or embedded product and has all the optional benefits of a typical RV emergency roadside assistance service, including:

SafeRide Motor Club includes: