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7.5 million Dispatches Per Year

Service volume commands a “Priority One” position with our entire network of service providers, so your customers are always first to be served when they need assistance.

Lowest Severity in Marketplace

Which is why we are the third-party administrator of choice for top tier manufacturers, insurance companies, service contract administrators and providers.

Best on Time Performance

With four call centers, 26 regional managers, and 2,300 service representatives we have a top ranking for service reliability.

Complete Regulatory Compliance

We are proactive to solidify productive relationships with regulators, lenders and trade associations assuring full compliance.

We Don’t Compete with You

We value partnerships. That’s why we don’t create situations where we are selling against you, your agents or your products.


We help fortify
the foundations
of your business



VAS has one of the strongest networks of providers in the country. The sheer volume that VAS generates put our clients in a “first position” with service providers throughout the network. For you, it means your customers get priority consideration even during heavy call periods or extremes in weather conditions.



We were there when the national wholesale roadside began thirty years ago and have been building and developing roadside assistance and ancillary product networks ever since. With four call centers, 26 regional managers and 2,300 customer service representatives, we are top ranked for service reliability. Our stability is ensured by the financial strength of seven major insurance carriers that back our programs.



We provide private-labeled programs centered around outstanding roadside assistance and ancillary product administration. We are the third-party administrator of choice for top tier manufacturers, insurance companies, service contract administrators and providers. We value partnerships and reject competing directly or indirectly through sister companies with our customers.



Our clients receive full disclosure of product details, compliance, rates, and losses. We continue to be proactive to solidify productive relationships with regulators, lenders and trade associations, thus assuring compliance. We offer our clients a complete 360-degree view of how we do business.



We have spent the last 30 years building and managing wholesale roadside assistance and ancillary product repair networks. We handle over 7.5 million service events a year, proving that scale commands prioritized service and reduces event severity.

In every conversation and through every action, VAS is committed to bringing value that is not only anchored by the premier administration and products we offer, but also by the manner in which we conduct all our business.
We listen, we innovate, we customize. We maintain an extraordinary degree of flexibility in order to give your business exactly what it needs – turnkey operations that embolden you to go to market without major investments in infrastructure, IT and capital. And when it comes to compliance, there is no other company that can offer the comprehensive expertise that we bring.
We partner with you to help fortify and build the foundations of your business. When your customers benefit from the best automotive ancillary products and services available, their gratitude comes full-circle. Our mission is to keep the cycle growing.

We listen,
we innovate,
we customize




Pre-paid Vehicle Maintenance Programs
Prepaid maintenance plans are a crucial customer retention tool both for service department and long term customer retention for a dealership. VAS provides customized maintenance plan solutions to your producers and dealers. From product development, dealer administration, web-portal administration services, we can help build and deploy a competitive pre-paid maintenance program under any specified brand name.

  • Provide consumers the peace of mind that comes with a safe and
    well-maintained vehicle.
  • Custom maintenance programs delivered to the consumer by you.
  • Offer dealers flexible programs, with customized terms, different mileage increments, multiple choices for the number of intervals and paybacks
OEM & Dealer Wrap Programs
The Next Mile program can be used for maintenance services provided on date of purchase or can be used to wrap manufacturers’ free maintenance programs. We can match The Next Mile program to wrap the complementary program of any manufacture or dealer. We provide the advice and expertise and it’s up to you to build the maintenance program that best suits you and your clients needs.

Special Bundled Products Creation
Clients increasingly seek bundled benefit packages to simplify presentation to consumers. We can provide all of our core benefits in customized combinations to create bundled programs specifically for your business. We can deliver the bundled programs as a motor club or a service contract depending on the laws of the states. Bundled programs help you take advantage of market opportunities and increase your bottom line.

  • Bundled products can be tailored to fit into your unique business model
  • We’ll create the necessary marketing campaigns and materials that address your core customer attributes.


Road Hazard Products

Considered by many the most important product in the industry the tire and wheel program gives a dealer’s customers peace of mind. Nothing is more frustrating for a consumer that replacing tires and wheels on top of their vehicle payment, insurance, gasoline and other maintenance expenses. If both the tire and wheel are damaged in a roadside incident, customers could be out of pocket hundreds of dollars. Without these crucial repairs the consumer cannot get back on the road. VAS’s tire and wheel program is an enhanced road hazard that provides tire repair and replacement due to road hazard incidents. The service also includes benefits for wheels. If a wheel is damaged by a road hazard event, this service will repair or replace when necessary the wheel, including mounting and balancing. Wheels or tires that are out of round or damaged can create other issues with your vehicle and it’s critical that they be maintained.

Repair: Scratch, Rim, Dent (PDR), Windshield

Cosmetic Alloy Wheel Repair
Most vehicle owners take pride in the ownership and care of their vehicles. The increased use of alloy wheels has led to increased cosmetic damage to automobile wheels. VAS’s cosmetic alloy wheel repair benefit provides a solution for the quick and easy repair of minor scuffs, scrapes, and other damage to alloy wheels. By having this benefit, customers can maintain the showroom look of their vehicle as well as improving resale value. In most cases, our trained technician can remove all traces of damage using innovative, industry techniques.

Windshield Repair
Crack or chipped glass often develops into a bigger problem affecting the safety of a driver. When a problem is untreated, replacement may be lead to serious out-of-pocket expense. If these chips and cracks can be immediately addressed it can avoid further damage and ensure safe operation of the vehicle and keep the customer’s vehicle properly maintained and on the road. Not all chips and cracks are eligible for repair but, if a larger crack emerges despite the repair work, VAS’s program includes a corporate discount on the National Auto Glass Specifications rate for windshield replacement.


Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)
Maintaining the original showroom look of a vehicle is near impossible. No matter how careful the driver, dents and dings can happen. VAS provides a paintless dent repair benefit (PDR) for the repair of small dents and dings via paintless technology as a crucial part of the maintenance of a consumer’s vehicle. A VAS customer service representative will arrange an appointment with a repair technician. This PDR benefit is preferable to body shop repairs for the following reasons:

  • No repainting is necessary, so the value of the vehicle is not diminished
  • No sanding is performed, so there are not problems with color matches
  • The dent or ding is not masked with paint or filler
  • PDR repairs are quick and easy, eliminating numerous days in the body shop
  • If repairs cannot be made at the dealership, mobile technicians are available to go to the customer’s location.


Scratch Repair
Customers can relax when they know that scratches to their vehicle can be removed with this helpful benefit. It provides for limited cosmetic repair of scratches up to 12 inches in length on exterior painted sheet metal body panels. This procedure removes scratches without harming the factory’s original finish that can help preserve the resale or trade-in value of the vehicle.

Rental Car Benefit Programs
In order to support our benefits we also provide rental car reimbursement. Busy consumers just do not have the time to wait for repairs to be performed on their cars. We provide a customized benefit for a specific dollar reimbursement of your choosing and a period of your choosing.
Chemical Appearance Products

Sentinel Appearance Product
Protect vehicles with a specially formulated product before they leave the dealership. We are a national distributor of a liquid protection product for both the exterior and interior of a vehicle.

  • Hand-applied to the vehicle at purchase.
  • Protects standard body paint, spoilers, bumpers, color coordinated trim, side mirrors, and most dealer installed and factory authorized accessories
  • Prevents damage or diminution of shine caused by acid rain, bird droppings, tree sap, and similar circumstances
  • Interior product protects interior fabric, seats, carpets, door panels, factory floor mats, and the dashboard from spills and against fading and cracking
  • Free, seven-year warranty compliments each product purchase, transferable along with the ownership of the vehicle.
  • Private label program available
Theft Programs

Sentinel DNA Trace Product
Your customers will thank you for protecting their vehicle against theft with a proven theft deterrent product. VAS is a national distributor of a vehicle theft prevention program that uses chemically treated stickers to assist in rapid identification.

  • Unique identification number (the DNA Trace) can only be visible under ultraviolet lighting
  • Enables police departments and other agencies to more quickly recover vehicles and return them to their owners
  • Comes with a special window sticker warning potential thieves that the vehicle is traceable
  • Free five-year transferable warranty
  • $5,000 toward a new vehicle if vehicle is not recovered or is a constructive total loss
Customer Loyalty Programs

By inserting our products into a special, short-term sales offering you can exponentially increase the deal’s value and create loyal, repeat customers. Avoid lengthy sales pitches by offering our specially designed 6-month or 1-year benefit programs. We’ll administer the plans to include marketing plans and materials created specifically for you.

  • Customize plans that fit your client specific needs
  • Increase traffic at the dealership
  • Drive customer loyalty
  • Increase profit

Leasing – Many manufacturers have 70% to 80% of their sales written as leases. Our products can be customer-tailored to the unique risk of the lease vehicle and can provide value in the reduction of charge backs on return. Programs are created specifically for particular makes and models.


Administrative Services

VAS is set-up to handle 100% of the administration, risk management, and claims adjudication processes. We can also provide administrative services for your programs and leverage our in-house resources to manage selected segments of your business.

VAS administrative services include:

  • Facilitating customer/dealer/agent relationships
  • Implementation of loss risk retention programs
  • Handling of commissions and marketing loads
  • Creation of marketing materials


Here are just a few of the basic administrative benefits we offer you:

  • Wholesale benefits packagescustomized to meet the needs of your customer portfolio
  • Dedicated management staff that oversees operations 24/7/365
  • Customized toll free numbers with client corporate branding
  • Implementation of web portal for customer and client use
  • Transactional data flow from your company to ours
  • Usage cost reporting on your business
  • Streamlined billing process
  • Wholesale rate structures
  • Product launch and marketing strategy
  • Consultation on compliance
  • Digital call recording
  • Risk Management
Reinsurance Services

Warranty Administration
Warranties are a valuable customer retention tool. VAS provides turnkey assistance for dealer warranty programs. Our service is comprehensive, taking anyadministrative burden off of you.

  • We help design and execute these programs for you
  • We provide full administration of the program
  • We provide accounting, information technology and claims services
  • We assist you in obtaining financial security for your warranty program
Warranty Administration

 Warranties are a valuable customer retention tool. VAS provides turnkey assistance for dealer warranty programs. Our service is comprehensive, taking any administrative burden off of you.

  • We help design and execute these programs for you
  • We provide full administration of the program
  • We provide accounting, information technology and claims services
  • We assist you in obtaining financial security for your warranty program
After-Hours First Notice of Loss Services
We take the burden off of your company by management of afterhours calls while acting as an extension of your company and maintaining your brand. As an administrator of after hours call service, we take first notice of loss on claims for both our products and other products you may administer and have in your portfolio On a 24/7/365 basis, our management team is on call to ensure that program policies, procedures and customer handling are properly maintained. We also provide Digital Call Recordings for quality assurance purposes.
VAS takes the guess work out of claims analysis and reporting. We have a dedicated staff that works on maintaining the integrity of the data to ensure accurate reporting and portfolio analysis. Customized reporting and detailed analysis provides visibility into your business which provides you with the tools and expertise needed to effectively manage and achieve your goals.Reporting Services:

  • Detailed production and claim information at Program, Coverage and Benefit level
  • Customized reporting and portfolio analysis
  • Trend reporting by type of service event
  • Claim frequency and severity reporting

Rv Services

RV Motor Club w/RV Tech & Mobile Mechanic

Because we are committed to the RV lifestyle, we offer our customers a premium RV motor club benefit through SafeRide Motor Club, Inc. This motor club has all the optional benefits of a typical RV emergency roadside assistance service mentioned above plus:

  • Trip routing and trip interruption coverage, as well as hotel, rental car, and entertainment theme park discounts
  • RV technical assistance 7/24/365; Access to ASE certified technicians
  • Optional dispatch of a mobile mechanic to your customer at their location for assistance.

Assistance &
key replacement

Roadside Assistance

Our products fall into two distinct categories; an embedded product that is offered as a part of already existing client products or services or an enhanced roadside product(motor club) that is sold as a stand-alone, packaged product tocustomers.

• Wholesale Emergency Roadside Dispatch Assistance

This Roadside Assistance program is a managed product whose benefits are embedded into your vehicle program. We private-label this service with your branding and custom greetings. You gain access to our entire North American service provider network, including the United States, Puerto Rico, Guam, Canada, and Mexico.

We handle all automobiles, motorcycles, RV’s, trailers, power sports and commercial vehicles. This includes:

  • Towing
  • Jump Starts
  • Tire Changes
  • Vehicle Fluid Delivery
  • Lockout Assistance
  • Concierge Services
Nationwide Motor Club Programs

SafeRide Motor Club, Inc. is a nationally licensed motor club with membership available throughout the United States, Guam and Canada. Available 24 hours a
day, 365 days a year, this program is a “sign and drive” program, which means your customers simply request assistance and our provider goes to them without charge to the customer. The motor club Includes:

  • Towing
  • Jump Starts
  • Tire Changes
  • Vehicle Fluid Delivery
  • Lockout Assistance
  • Concierge Services

You also have the option of upgrading additional ancillary products to the existing
Motor Club offering:

  • Key Replacement
  • Tire & Wheel
  • Cosmetic Alloy Wheel Repair
  • Windshield Repair
  • PDR (Paintless Dent Repair)
  • Rental Reimbursement
  • TicketProtect – protection against costly expenses associated with minor traffic violations.
Key Replacement Services
Nothing can be more frustrating to a vehicle owner than a lost, damaged or stolen key. Key fobs have become vital mechanical and electronic equipment for vehicles. The fob is an essential component of the vehicle and putting the driver back on the road in emergency situations. With newer key FOBS the replacement cost can reach hundreds of dollars. VAS has a licensed, 50 state motor club that can provide a private labeled,regulatory compliant, stand-alone key replacement product in connection with the motor club



All of our products are built for maximum flexibility. Our products are fully integrated into any dealer’s management system or menu system. Our products are lender approved. Our risk management department will work with you to provide each client with customized reporting and data analysis.


how we work with you
In every conversation and through every action, VAS is committed to bringing value that is not only anchored by the premier administration and products we offer, but also by the manor in which we conduct all our business.




Seamless Integration


bundled models

pricing MODELS

wholesale services



Differentiation is the key to making choices in the marketplace.
Differentiation is the key to making choices in the marketplace. Your understanding of our unique value is critical to building and shaping our relationship with you. VAS offers programs and solutions that bring enduring value to our clients.
Our networks perform over 7,500,000 events per year. The size and breadth of these networks allow us to minimize claim severity. Due to our market share, we provide the most on-time and efficient service possible.
We distinguish ourselves through our impeccable track record that spans nearly 2 decades, through our expertise in compliance and all regulatory issues, and through our cutting-edge use of technology.

VAS Notables

VAS Notables
  • No Competition: We don’t sell products into the marketplace that compete with your business. We do not have any affiliated companies that compete with dealers and agents. We do not provide competing products. We are totally focused on the wholesale market and total loyalty to our clients.
  • 7.5 million dispatches each year.
  • Lowest severity in the marketplace.
  • Best on time performance.
  • No history of any regulatory issues by strictly adhering to statutory requirements and the proper filing of our products.
  • Collaboration: We work with you to enhance the value of your business.
  • Best of Class RV Tech and Power Sport Products.
  • VAS has 14 US Regional Managers to connect all of US together 24/7.
  • VAS is an American owned company – no domestic or multinational parent competing with your business.

Compliance Expertise

Compliance Expertise
  • Premier and transparent compliance administration for all our motor clubs, service contracts and maintenance agreements
  • Active Standing member of both NATO, SCIC, and MVAPA.
  • In-house attorneys tasked to monitor legal, legislative and regulatory changes, maintaining exceptional relationships with state regulators, trade groups, our network of actuaries and consultants.
  • We maintain our proud record of zero investigations or disputes with the regulatory community.

Integrated Technology Solutions

Integrated Technology Solutions
  • Electronic business reporting through a secure, encrypted FTP or via our web services system. E-rating, e-contracting and e-reporting are real-time with integrated quality control
  • Data transfer requirements are designed for efficiency and security
  • VAS has established relationships with all major e-business solution providers in the auto dealer industry
  • Our Technology simplifies the F&I personnel’s job
  • Minimizes programming costs
  • Decreases costs related to menu providers by providing a more limited set of data



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