Having steady and significant dispatch volume is a necessity of any emergency roadside assistance network. When a network provides a consistent flow of service events and revenue, tow providers rely on that dispatch volume as a primary source of business. Since steady dispatch volume results in consistent and essential business for tow companies, towers will prioritize customers’ roadside and service events from high-volume networks over others with lower volume.

The more volume a roadside network provides tow companies, the better on-time service customers receive, which leads to better customer service experiences and lower program costs.

When a roadside assistance provider’s dispatch runs low on volume, they become a lower priority for towing companies and service costs escalate. 

When customers have breakdowns or emergency service events while on the road, towers will be less likely to quickly respond to calls from providers with lower dispatch volume. This is especially true when calls are received after hours or on weekends which can escalate the event into a safety concern. Tow companies will focus their energy and resources on providers with more call volume that provide them with steady business.

Bailouts or consolidation will become necessary.

Since towers prioritize providers with high-volume dispatch over providers with lower volume, a roadside provider with fewer service events and calls will be tasked with finding solutions to combat increased response times. Over the last year several well-known roadside assistance networks have lost a significant amount of business, which in turn has lead to reduced staff, estimated claim costs, closed call centers, company sell-off to foreign investors for debt, or mergers with other companies.

Customer satisfaction and stability is critical in today’s environment.

At VAS, our network handled over 12,000,000 dispatches through five redundant call centers in 2016, more than all our wholesale competitors combined. Our high-volume dispatch puts us at the top of towers’ priority list.  You can be confident that your customers are receiving the fastest, most reliable and cost effective service. In addition, we deployed an Uber-type application that allows your customers to see their dispatch event in real time helping to improve the customer experience.

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