What’s worse than an unexpected emergency in the middle of nowhere? It’s the dread of not knowing how to get a tow truck and the time it will take to arrive.

Never fear, Vehicle Administrative Services has just made the roadside service experience even easier. Through GPS tracking, we can pinpoint the exact location of your customers’ breakdown and send live updates on help’s estimated time of arrival. Furthermore, when a rescue vehicle is on its way, customers are able to watch its GPS-tracked progress on their smartphone, providing peace of mind that reliable service is in route.

Our priority is to get your customers back on the road as soon as possible, and now they have the power to stay informed throughout the entire process.

We’ll find you with our tracking technology.

Call center agents use Locate Me, a proprietary GPS app, to pinpoint customer locations by using their smartphone. This technology assists anyone who is in an unfamiliar area and can’t provide an accurate disablement location. Agents will text customers a link to the Locate Me mobile application, and the customer can either confirm or alter their location information.

Roadside Connect app delivers immediate status updates and real-time ETA.

We make customers’ emergency situations pain free through Roadside Connect, a mobile application that provides an unmatched level of smartphone communication and tracking. Integrating with industry-leading, location-based software applications used by service providers, including Roadside Connect, our network allows clients to receive up-to-the-minute status updates.

Through Roadside Connect, progress updates are sent directly to your customers via text message. Our team will provide each client a link that they can open on their smartphone with details regarding the roadside service event. This includes their disablement location, tow-to location, the equipment the provider has dispatched, where the tow truck is located at any given time, and, in some cases, a photograph of the service vehicle and individual expected to arrive on scene.

All of these technological advancements help the customer feel at ease knowing we are providing real-time information on the progress of their roadside service event. We deliver best-in-class customer service that will exceed customer expectations. With VAS, your customers will have an unmatched level of transparency and control.

VAS’ dedication to embracing technology innovations and opportunities continues to improve the overall experience and satisfaction of clients’ customers.

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