Well-known brands like Apple, Coca-Cola and Target can be easily identified without even showing their logo. You can taste a Coca-Cola blindfolded and know it’s Coca-Cola. In the same way you can walk into an Apple or Target store without any of their logos anywhere to be seen and know you’re in their stores.  How have these brands developed recognition beyond their logos and trade dress? More than a name or logo defines a brand. A brand name or logo merely represents consistency, quality of product and experiences, and ultimately the value provided to a customer by a product or service.

Our clients and their dealer’s brands have developed through exactly the same value proposition. Consumers gain trust in a brand if it’s consistent across the board. If a customer has an excellent experience buying a new car from a dealership, then they have a great buying experience and enjoy great customer service every time they enter the dealership.  A positive roadside assistance month after they buy a car secures and enhances the brand.

Consumers want to buy from businesses with brands they know and trust. When consumers know you, they feel like can trust you, and be more likely to purchase from you again. You don’t want to lose trust. Sometimes purchasing is more of an emotional decision than a practical one. People will purchase from brands they know and trust over brands they have never heard of. Brand consistency is part of building trust.

A trustworthy consistent brand is built over time and requires thought, strategy and consistent high quality service. VAS has over 20 years of experience and has kept brand continuity over the years. We find there’s really no need for changing a winning formula. We provide our clients and their dealer’s consistent high quality customer service with almost no complaints. We remain first in line for service because of our volume.

If you are approached by a Motor Club that is constantly rebranding or creating sub-brands, what should be your first thought? Wouldn’t you be concerned about their consistency in their results based on their inconsistent marketing?   Appealing new names, marketing and logos won’t change the brands poor performance and reputation over the years. It’s like putting lipstick on a pig. Making surface changes is a useless attempt to disguise the true performance and value of a company.

Maintaining a sub-brand, particularly when a company grows by acquisitions, show a distinct lack of confidence in the primary brand.  Just because a larger company operates under the small company’s brand, it does not change the quality, character of the company, or its results. It’s more lipstick on a pig.

The VAS brand is built on more than a name or logo. Through us you will receive industry leading quality and professional towing and administrative services. Our Network of towers and customer service representatives are skilled. The safety and care of your customers is our primary concern. Your customers are as important to us as they are to you. In a partnership with VAS, your customers will be able to receive service 24-7 with total satisfaction. We can help bring even more value to your brand.

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