Vaporware is a company or product that has been advertised but hasn’t started operation or products are not yet available. Also, the company’s products or services are lacking what is advertised.  Companies, products or services may only be a concept or still being developed.

Vaporware products and services are often announced months before its purported release, with development details lacking. Roadside companies may intentionally promote vaporware to keep partners from switching to competitors that offer more features. It’s important to do detailed research to assure a company’s claims are true when picking a roadside provider. Vaporware can hurt the roadside industry’s credibility.  High tech marketing is no substitute for quality customer service and effective claims management. The failure rate of new startup roadside companies and ancillary products is very high.  Despite the best efforts of marketing experts, the roadside industry remains only viable for seasoned and well-experienced companies.  Some roadside companies’ most important factor for determining the success or failure is often vaporware marketing and not important qualities of the roadside industry itself.

Here are 4 things to look out for when a new roadside assistance company arises.

Beware of:

  1. A seemingly sophisticated website and high-tech marketing strategy. Their products and services are probably not up to par with industry leaders.
  2. All virtual employees. Some of these companies might look like they have scale, but really they only have limited employees working out of their homes.
  3. No priority with tow providers and try to make themselves look important. Be aware of who their network provider is.
  4. No credible references or current partners. If they have no reliable references but a beautiful website with wonderful copy that sounds too good to be true….it’s probably too good to be true.

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