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They bring a peace of mind experience to your customers. A seasoned provider will have a network that successfully completes millions of dispatches annually to maintain the highest level of experience and relationship with their provider network. They should bring value to your company and not escalate customer frustration.

A true partner has a seasoned and stable management team that can bring more to the customer experience than a title. A competent team that has lasted in the roadside industry for over a decade with a positive track record from employees and numerous loyal clients is a well seasoned provider.  When trying to find a roadside solution you should definitely do your research. Some are startups with little or no experience while others have a history of litigation stacked a mountain high. Providers with extensive experience are prepared for any heightened event or climate related matter. Perception is reality and customers must come first.

A seasoned roadside provider has managed different types of dispatches not only including tows, jump starts, gone on arrivals, and cancels but service during times of severe weather, in remote locations and in the most difficult of circumstances. Extensive experience leads a quality provider to properly account for each dispatch and only charge the client with transparent claims and reporting.

They are focused and devoted to loyal relationships. They’re not looking to take business away from you by competing. They’re not affiliated with their own competitive administrative company. A committed partner takes pride in providing a business to business model and doing that one thing very well. They maintain long quality relationships with their client base.

They want your company to succeed.  They have an interest in the success of your reputation and they will work hard to enhance your brand. They want your company to shine, not their own.

It takes years of knowledge and tens of millions of successful dispatches to be seasoned in the roadside industry. VAS knows how to deal with every imaginable roadside situation. If a problem ever develops, VAS stands behind its services and does whatever is necessary to make the customer satisfied with the experience. We close the loop with every customer to make sure they have received proper service. We track every customer experience to ensure customers are satisfied. VAS’s management team pioneered the wholesale roadside industry and maintains a positive track record. We made the strategic decision to focus entirely on a business to business model. We don’t own sister companies or affiliates that compete with you. We take pride in being a great steward of your name and reputation.

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