Recreational Vehicles (RV’s) are very complex, and customers may leave the dealer’s lot with numerous technical questions that need to be answered in the future.  Most RV technical issues are fairly minor, and many times, experts can troubleshoot and provide solutions by phone. RV techs take pressure off their dealer by answering certain questions and provide great customer RV service. They can assist with basic instructions and technical diagnosis for troubleshooting common operational issues regarding your customers RV.

Offering 24/7 RV tech service is a win for the dealer and customer.  The inconvenience of getting the RV to a repair shop for minor problems is eliminated, and dealers look like heroes for providing this invaluable service to their customers. Once the RV tech takes the call to analyze the problem and provides a solution, they can assist with getting a mobile mechanic or tow if needed.

VAS has an RV tech benefit included in our motor club that can help new to veteran RV owners. Every time your customer calls one of our experienced RV techs they will have someone ready to give the expertise they need. With an RV tech you continue your customer care!

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