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Call Center Check List

You value your customers and expect them to be treated with professionalism and empathy. Can you imagine your customer waiting 30, 45, or even 60 minutes until their call is answered by a customer service agent?  To add to the customer’s frustration, they are placed on an extended hold while the agent searches for a low-cost provider, because they don’t have a trustworthy network.

Roadside providers have received bad publicity in the Florida press recently for long wait times and numerous unresolved call attempts. It’s important you understand the service standards to which you need to hold a provider accountable for.

Your roadside provider can either damage or strengthen your brand value and customer loyalty.  Below is a list of important standards which you should require of your network partner:

1.  Call center redundancy- Your provider needs to be prepared for a variety of unexpected events that can greatly impact the call center, especially natural disasters and peak usage periods. If your provider only has one call center and a natural disaster strikes, then customer service standards will dramatically decline.

2.  Call to answer ratio – Not only should the customer service agents be well trained, but there should be a large enough number of agents to answer calls promptly. Calls should never go unanswered.

3.  Proper training of customer service agents – Your roadside providers must have properly trained customer service representatives (“CSR”). It takes extensive training to make CSRs efficient, effective and be able to uncover the information that is critical to the consumer. It’s also a CSR’s job to show empathy to the consumer and provide them a sense of security in a stressful and sometimes dangerous situation.

4.  Priority with tow providers –You must get the consumer serviced as quickly as possible. A network with high volume will have priority with tow providers and your consumer will receive faster service, day or night.

VAS’s networks had over ten million dispatches last year. We have contracted rates with reputable providers and do not need to search for “acceptable” pricing. We now have 9 redundant call centers across the United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico.  VAS has a network with three thousand well trained customer service agents across those 9 call centers, which gives us the fastest call answer times and the best call to answer ratio. VAS’s network has professional and exceptionally well-trained customer service employees that deescalate consumer frustration and provide a sense of security that their problem is a priority. They are able to handle any issue and leave your consumer loyal and satisfied.

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