Summer is officially here and RV owners can’t wait to hook up their RV and get away for an extended weekend. However, plenty of RV owners make the mistake of not keeping up with required maintenance before heading out on their first summer adventure.  It is likely that many RV’s that have been stored away for the winter will encounter unforeseen problems when they get back on the road.  Don’t get caught in peak travel season with a roadside assistance provider that can’t handle the increased call volume.

With our extensive Network of providers, VAS has the best on-time delivery of reliable emergency service and customer satisfaction. We won’t be searching the internet looking for someone (anyone!) to accept our dispatch.  You are in good company with the 22 auto manufacturers, 17 major insurance companies, 24 vehicle service contract providers, and a host of others who have chosen to use our broad network.

Start your summer right and come find out why our Network is the industry RV leader and why 75 million people already rely on our approach to customer safety and satisfaction.

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