Are you sure that your roadside claims cost is as transparent and efficient as it can be for your block of business. You should be paying the actual costs to provide exceptional and superior service to your customers. Transparency regarding the actual cost of service is important because only through analyzing actual claims costs can you effectively understand trends, frequency and severity in your roadside assistance program.

At VAS, our model of complete transparency provides you the actual costs for your roadside assistance program which are reported to you through our regular metric reporting services. Our minimal fee covers 24 hour customer service, call management of your customers to deescalate unforeseen problems when they arise, secure and innovative technology, compliance and business continuity. You are only charged for the actual dispatch costs and actual claim fee. VAS carefully audits claims to make sure you are only charged for claims covered under your contract, agreement or policy.

You should ask yourself:  Is it too good to be true? 

Be aware that you may not be getting the best deal you can get for your company.  Some roadside providers give you “simple” or “economical” deals that may not be simple or economical.

VAS won’t estimate bills so you can see your true valid cost.  Audited claims allows you to have a clear understanding of what your underwriting is.

A transparent and audited program could save you millions of dollars over time. You want to make sure your roadside provider is charging you for the accurate cost and services provided to your customer.  Are you paying for the right services?  Ask VAS for a side by side comparison.

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