In the RV world, there is increased competition for customers. Dealerships work extremely hard to build a brand and create a superior reputation in the RV community. Most dealerships offer motor clubs from third-party vendors which allow these vendors access to their customer base. Are you confident as a dealer or association that your customers are not being converted and then solicited for other protection products by these motor clubs to take your hard-earned business?They could even offer products that you may already offer through your finance department. You’ve worked hard for these customers; don’t let your revenue slip away.

To prevent this from happening, avoid motor clubs who refuse to private-label their products. Private-labeling is simply re-branding one of the vendor’s products or services to include the dealership’s brand. We consider our clients our partners at VAS, and we private-label various products for many of our clients. This will ensure that your brand…..and your customers…… stay intact!

Another way to be protected from third parties freeloading on your customers is through good contracting. Make sure your current contract provides the following protections. First, in your contract it should be made clear that you are the owner of the customer relationship and your customers can not be solicited for any other products without your permission. Secondly, your customer list should never be disclosed or sold. Lastly, make sure your company’s name and logo are forbidden to be used by a vendor unless specifically authorized by you.

At VAS, we are more than happy to private-label our products for our administrators, associations and corresponding dealers, knowing that promoting your brand is far-reaching and maintaining a stellar reputation is essential. We work tirelessly in the background to provide the excellent service behind your brand allowing your company to effortlessly shine!

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