We’ve noticed an interesting trend occurring. Certain roadside assistance companies are competing against their own clients. For example, you’re a Vehicle Service Contract (VSC) provider and you contract with a wholesale roadside company for your vehicle service contracts. You should take caution that there are roadside assistance companies that are affiliated with their very own VSC administration company.

Which means their affiliated administration company will compete for your agents. So while the roadside assistance company is gaining profit from you on embedding their service in your VSC, they’re also familiarizing themselves with your agents and dealers. In a sense you are funding your own competition.

We believe nothing is wrong with competition, but competing directly or indirectly against the same people you are partnering with is a poor decision. It’s not surprising that if your roadside provider works directly with agents and dealers they will likely try to compete with you for business at one point or another. The chances are that the relationship will begin as a low cost solution to a product you don’t currently provide and later develop into a solution that replaces you. Rather than choosing a company for a price focused solution that will compete with you, why not look at a solution that will not only save you revenue, but not compete with you for business or agents as well?

We recognize that one of the greatest values we can offer is transparency, and we will never compete for your agents or dealers. We are more interested in maintaining long term relationships. Ones that we cultivate through service, technology, and integrity.

We made the strategic decision to focus entirely on a business to business model. We don’t own sister companies or affiliates that compete with you. Our model enables our clients to market products and build a brand with confidence knowing that their roadside provider has their best interest in mind. We will continue to use this model which sets us apart from our competitors.

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