Picture this: You’re a large administration or insurance company that has worked hard to maintain a reputation of quality customer service. You hire a roadside assistance company with only one call center. Without warning, a tornado, hurricane, earthquake, catastrophic snow event or flash flooding strikes.

After the natural disaster you realize it was a poor decision to depend on a roadside assistance company with only one call center. Imagine the negative impact on your customer’s experience when they need roadside assistance, but they’re unable to get through to an operator, or they get a recording saying, “We’re sorry. We cannot take your call at this time.” Then, imagine the negative impact on your company!

A roadside assistance call is the closest thing to a 911 call when your customer is broken down on the side of the road. Every minute can seem like an hour.
Make sure you choose a roadside assistance provider that has more than paper for redundancy. Your provider needs to be prepared for a variety of unexpected events that can greatly impact customer service, especially natural disasters.

At VAS we take the consequence of natural disasters out of the equation by providing SEVEN redundant call centers. Earlier this month we were pleased to announce our network opening its seventh call center in Tri-Cities (Johnson City, Kingsport, Bristol), Tennessee. Our network has call centers in Tennessee, Massachusetts, Florida, Tucson, Arizona, Puerto Rico and Canada. All of our call centers provide uninterrupted service to over 75 million drivers nationwide. The effect of climate change on customer service is an issue that shouldn’t be ignored.

According to the Environment Protection Agency of the United States, “Climate change is projected to increase the frequency and intensity of extreme weather events. Specifically, heat waves will likely be more severe, sea level rise could amplify storm surges in coastal areas, and storms will likely be more intense.”  With heat waves becoming more severe in years to come, car batteries are more likely to die, and flooding will become more intense.

You deserve a roadside provider with more than one call center to handle the increasing phone calls resulting from this new norm in weather related issues.
A company’s reputation and brand depend on superior customer service. You want to ensure your roadside assistance provider consistently extends a dependable lifeline to your customers when needed.

To provide customers outstanding customer service starts with a big network. Multiple call centers and a heavy volume of dispatches are a necessity. Why are these things important? Because it keeps emergency services a priority among service providers available every minute of every day, it gets help to your customers fast when they need it most, and most importantly it keeps your customers loyal and satisfied.

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